paid social media marketing



Paid Social Media Marketing


Paid social media marketing is a great way to build your fan-base, expand your social media audience, and get more people engaged and talking about your brand. Most social networks are now pay-to-play, meaning it is difficult and time-consuming to build an audience and reach wider networks of people without supporting your efforts with paid ads or sponsored content.

Insightable uses paid social media marketing to grow your social network following, broadcast your content to wider networks of people, and create an online buzz about your brand. We also help you leverage these gains via earned social media marketing campaigns.

Outcome Focused
Paid social media marketing doesn’t mead blind spending. Insightable measures your social media marketing efforts against your goals and objectives, and optimises your marketing efforts to maximise your return-on-investment (ROI). This means you know how much value you are gaining from your paid social media marketing.

Automation & Insight
Savvy, experienced marketers are essential to developing successful paid social media marketing campaigns, but automation systems including scheduling, bid optimisation, and data analysis tools are essential to minimise costly manual work. That is why we utilise both!

We work with you to select the best combination of expert creativity, strategy, machine automation, and optimisation to ensure you are getting the most from your social media marketing spend.